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Refund and Returns Policy

Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy:

All payments must be made in full 25 days prior to the contracted date of service. A credit card imprint may be obtained for all rides. Clients may also be asked to provide photos of CREDIT CARD front & back and CARDHOLDER PHOTO ID. The payment information on file may be used for overtime charges and other related charges listed below, if applicable. Personal checks will not be accepted any later than 25 days prior to the date of service. If full payment is not made within 25 days of service, the payment information on file may be charged for payment.

Deposit Policy:

Until an initial deposit is made, vehicles cannot be guaranteed. All deposits are non-refundable. All payments are non-refundable. For wedding packages, the remaining, full balance of the amount due will be charged 30 days prior to service. For all other events other than weddings, the remaining, full balance of the amount due will be charged 25 days prior to service unless full payment had already been received.

Cancellation / Modifications:

 No requests for cancellations or modifications can be made via phone call. Cancellations or Modifications MUST BE MADE VIA EMAIL TO ONLY! Cancellations or Modifications will only be entertained prior to 2 weeks from ride day. In case the reservation and ride date is not a period comprising 2 weeks, the client can cancel or modify within 2 days after the reservation but not when 1 week is left to ride. Diamond Edge Limo cannot guarantee any changes in schedule or time after the original time block has been reserved.


If you are unhappy with our vehicle for any reason on the day of your reservation, you are entitled to a full refund minus the deposit, only if you send the vehicle back to us and call us to inform us you weren’t happy with the vehicle. If you get into our vehicle and consume your entire reservation, you are by default accepting to pay for your entire reservation. Nowadays, there are services such as Uber, Lyft, and Taxi service. There should be no reason to consume your entire reservation with us should the vehicle not be up to your standards. The deposit is refundable only if there is a valid reason i.e mechanical failure, etc.

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The guarantor of this reservation will be held responsible for any damages to the contracted vehicle by themselves or individuals that they allow into the contracted vehicle. Diamond Edge Limo reserves the right to terminate service with no refund to the client(s) renting the service act in a disorderly or violent manner. There is a minimum sanitation charge of $250.00 for any stains or fluids spilled resulting from illness inside our vehicles. Diamond Edge Limo reserves the right to initiate collection proceedings for all service or damage fees that are not paid within 14 days after the date of service. Diamond Edge Limo will collect all attorney’s fees, collection expenses, and court costs incurred by Diamond Edge Limo in its effort to collect the balance owed.

Smoking/Alcohol Policy:

All vehicles are non-smoking. There is a $100 charge per occurrence. Diamond Edge Limo reserves the right to terminate service with no refund if passengers are smoking. If needed, a driver will pull over and stop to accommodate the passengers to smoke outside the vehicles. Using illegal drugs in our vehicles is prohibited and can result in the termination of service without a refund. Alcohol consumption is not permitted in the company of minors or minors.

General Additional Policy:

Any parking fees incurred are the responsibility of the guarantor of this reservation. If for any reason, Diamond Edge Limo is unable to perform the service as contracted for, its liability shall be limited to no more than a full refund of any money paid by the customers hereunder. Diamond Edge Limo reserves the right to substitute vehicles in the event of a vehicle malfunction or additional scheduling conflict. Diamond Edge Limo does not refund for unforeseen traffic delays that could impact the timing of the client’s itinerary. Please allow for extra time if necessary.

Diamond Edge Limo reserves the right to not perform service if the weather is inclement and could jeopardize the safety of passengers and chauffeurs. All Diamond Edge Limo drivers have the authority to determine if vehicles can safely enter a narrow driveway or make tight turns. All limo buses and vehicles operate in accordance with State and local traffic laws, and pick-up and drop-off at several city locations (including but not limited to Atlantic City, NJ, and New York, NY) are prohibited in several areas. Limo buses may be prohibited by law from traveling on certain roadways or expressways in various areas, as well as certain bridges and tunnels, and may have to plan alternate routes in compliance with these laws.

Diamond Edge Limo is not responsible for additional time that may be incurred due to taking these alternate routes. Diamond Edge Limo is also not responsible for delays caused by adverse weather conditions, states of emergency, accidents, or detours while a ride is in progress. Clients should allow a reasonable amount of buffer time within their scheduling. Diamond Edge Limo cannot be held responsible for a start delay of under fifteen minutes. Diamond Edge Limo may also assist in obtaining promotions offered by area casinos but Diamond Edge Limo is not responsible for and cannot guarantee these promotions. For safety purposes, clients and their respective parties cannot walk in the vehicles while the vehicle is in motion. Clients and their respective parties are not to touch or attempt to open safety hatches on the vehicles except in the case of an accident or relevant emergency.

Diamond Edge Limo will not be held responsible for any injury sustained if the vehicle must come to an immediate stop. Diamond Edge Limo reserves the right to charge the customer for any overtime charges incurred at the rate contracted. Overtime rates will be billed in half-hour increments, increasing to half-hour. There is no guarantee that overtime hours beyond the contracted block of time will be guaranteed. Diamond Edge Limo reserves the right to conclude services at any moment once the contracted time has expired. The itinerary for service is due ten days prior to the date of service. It is requested that the itinerary be completed on the forms provided. Diamond Edge Limo will not refund or reimburse clients if the driver is redirected to a route that deviates from the driver’s GPS or mapping and time is lost. Diamond Edge Limo will not refund or reimburse clients for time lost if the driver needs to find additional addresses not included on the original itinerary. This contract must be signed and returned prior to the date of service. Kegs, coolers, popcorn, chips, and glass beer bottles are prohibited in the cabin of the vehicle. Coolers can be stored in the storage areas or trunks of the vehicle if there is ample space. The stereo has an automatic shut-off when it reaches an excess level of volume.

Diamond Edge Limo is well maintained, however, failure of DVD, TV, iPod, or stereo system to work during the course of service may result in a refund not to exceed a total of $50. Please check the vehicle upon exiting to make certain that items of value are not left behind. Personal belongings are ultimately the responsibility of the client or their owner.